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Highly Recyclable Paper and Cardboard

Veolia Environmental Services handles every step in the paper-cardboard channel, from collection to marketing.

A wide array of waste

Paper and cardboard for recycling comes from companies—print shop trimmings, commercial packaging waste—and municipal waste, such as packaging and newsprint. In practice, paper can be recycled about five times and cardboard up to 10 times.

Selective sorting by category and quality

Once collected, paper and cardboard are transferred to sorting centers, and then split by category and quality, with banned and unfit material eliminated during the process. The remainder is balled up and sent to paper manufacturers in France or for export, notably to China and India.

Veolia Environmental Services France Recycling is the marketing company for raw materials culled from Veolia Environmental Services France's recycling. It has years of experience and recognized expertise in the field.

A growing global market

Secondary raw material marketed in this way is used to make paper pulp. Recovered cellulose fibers (RCF) now make up about half of the new paper and cardboard produced in the world.

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