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A Continual Push to Recover Ever More Materials

Veolia Environmental Services recovers many other types of waste besides paper and metal and prepares alternative fuels from hard-to-recycle waste.

Wood, plastic and glass recycling

Wood, plastic and glass waste can be used to produce secondary raw materials. Crushed wood especially is reusable by woodworking plants. Pellets and powder made from plastic can be employed, for example, to manufacture automotive parts, such as crankcases and door panels. Glass recycling gives a second life to household (bottles, yoghurt containers) or industry (flat glass, high-performance glass, etc.) packaging.

Preparation of alternative fuel

Veolia Environmental Services prepares refuse derived fuel (RDF) from non-recyclable paper and cardboard, dirty wood and plastic fraction waste.
RDF is used to power various heat treatment plants, including cement factories, heating plants, industrial furnaces, etc.