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Landfills, a Renewable Energy Resource

Veolia Environmental Services deploys efficient waste recovery technologies at our landfills, while helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Secure facilities

The landfills operated by Veolia Environmental Services use the most advanced technologies.
They employ damp-proof membranes, leachate (liquid residue) treatment systems andmethane emissions capture.

A waste-to-energy source

Methane from landfills is Veolia Environmental Services' primary source of greenhouse gas emissions. That is why we have increased the share of waste stored in landfills with biogas capture and treatment systems by 20% in the last five years.
We also embraced the United Nations' Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) in 2001, before the Kyoto Protocol took effect.

Landfill gas capture and recovery

Our first projects consisted of installing landfill gas capture, treatment and recovery systems in landfills based in emerging countries.

Non-stop environmental monitoring

All Veolia Environmental Services facilities are subject to strict environmental monitoring, from impact studies to site renovation and greenhouse gas emission limitation.

Reducing Greenhouse Gas emissions

Actions to reduce and avoid greenhouse gas emissions are being implemented throughout our activities. In the landfills operated by Veolia Environmental Services, this results in the following actions:

  • Install active landfill gas collection and treatment systems.
    That is 6,900 kt CO2eq emission reductions.
  • Use landfill gas as a fuel to produce electricity or thermal energy.
    Pennsylvania, USA, landfill gas is processed and converted into pipeline quality methane gas, which is injected into an interstate natural gas pipeline located near the landfill site.
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