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Transforming Hazardous Waste

Veolia Environmental Services has been studying and developing innovative treatment and recovery channels for over 30 years.

Total traceability

Thanks to its versatile industrial base and strict compliance with regulations, SARP Industries provides total traceability.

Veolia Environmental Servies offers solutions tailored to every type of hazardous waste, including surface treatment baths, polluted water, solvents, paints, resins, spent oil, heavy metals, battery cells, fluorescent light bulbs, batteries, laboratory waste, cytotoxic drugs, CMR substances, reactive products, hydro-carbonated waste and more.

Recovery solutions

Extracting and recovering the "noble" fraction of special waste was a central focus of SARP Industries from the outset.

SARP Industries offers a broad array of recycling and recovery solutions, at dedicated treatment facilities, including the recycling of batteries, storage cells and soiled metal and plastic packaging and the regeneration of solvents and ion-exchange resins, among others.