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Stabilizing and Safely Landfilling Waste

Veolia Environmental Services protects the environment and public health from pollutant dispersal by landfilling the non-recyclable part of hazardous waste, after stabilizing it.

Specific treatments

After stabilization at physical-chemical treatment centers, the non-recyclable portion of hazardous waste, such as liquid effluent sludge and incineration bottom ash, is landfilled in dedicated facilities.

Prevention process

Stabilization secures landfilling conditions. For example, the treatment used for incinerator flue gas treatment residues prevents their pollutants from liquefying should they come into contact with water in the landfill.
The site's laboratory performs a standardized test on a stabilized waste sample to verify that it will hold up over time. Waste packaged in this way is then landfilled and the facility's lab is responsible for continually monitoring the quality of the surface water and groundwater upstream and downstream of the site and of its plant cover.