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The Expertise of a Pioneer

Drawing on our unique know-how, Veolia Environmental Services covers the entire special waste treatment and recovery channel.

Created in France in 1975, Veolia Environmental Services' French subsidiary specializing in hazardous waste management has become the European benchmark for the treatment of toxic liquid waste. It is active in the following fields:

  • Special waste treatment for secondary raw material production or energy recovery:
  • Special waste management or recovery of the "noble" and treatment of the "polluting" fraction
  • Materials recycling, regeneration and recovery (batteries, solvents, metals, etc.)
  • Energy recovery (fuel, steam, electric power)
  • Stabilization and landfilling of the fraction of hazardous waste no longer able to be recycled or recovered as energy
  • Soil remediation, especially around industrial facilities, water tables and contaminated rivers.

Veolia Environmental Services' hazardous waste management activities offers a combination of expertise, an industrial base on the cutting edge of technology and innovative procedures developed through research and development.
As part of its sustainable development policy, SARP Industries pledges to protect resources (maximized recovery/recycling), pursue a continuous improvement process for water/energy consumption and CO2 equivalent emissions and manage all risks related to its operations.
Veolia Environmental Services' hazardous waste management operations supports companies interested in a long-term approach by fostering genuine partnerships.
Its goal is to offer the most appropriate solutions and even to research and develop innovative approaches, so that its partners can accommodate the growth of their industrial operations, and environmental and public health protection.

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