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Sydney - Australia

Integrated waste management
Design and implement an integrated collection, treatment and disposal solution.


Sydney is Australia's largest city with a population of almost 5 million people producing 1 million metric tons of waste per year. For the past three decades, the State Government had managed the disposal of the city's household waste by relying on large, often low-tech landfills. Since these installations were reaching capacity, viable plans were needed.


  • Develop an integrated collection, transfer and processing service that complies with strict environmental regulations.
  • Implement technologies with proven track record in other countries, to raise the existing standards of waste management services.

Veolia Environmental Services' solution

A global solution

With 40 local councils each controlling the collection and disposal of household waste, Veolia successfully:

  • Participated in all facets of the waste treatment and disposal market;
  • Implemented strategies that demonstrate significantly higher but financially sustainable levels of service provision;
  • Improved environmental standards to meet regulations at all waste management facilities.

Veolia was rewarded by the State of New South Wales and Act (Australian Capital territory) for logistics and solutions applied to waste transfer between Sydney and Woodlawn.

Innovative and sustainable activities

  • Australia's first waste-by-rail transportation system (250 km), thus reducing greenhouse emissions and traffic impacts on urban roads.
  • Sydney's first privately owned and most modern household waste transfer station at Clyde.
  • One of the world's deepest and largest bioreactor landfill facilities at Woodlawn, achieving substantially higher levels of gas capture and green energy production.
  • Project to build a wind farm of 50 MW capacity.

Veolia was named National Winner at the Transfer Station Excellence Awards 2007 for the Clyde Transfer terminal.

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