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Specific Research Focuses

A number of challenges are involved in improving service quality and performance. The work of Veolia Environmental Services researchers is a key factor in meeting them.

Veolia Environmental Services focuses our efforts on six areas of innovation:

Managing the organic fraction of waste

This issue is associated with the risk of soil deterioration on a global scale. It raises questions about improving the biological processes (composting, methane production) for treating organic waste, whether source-separated or not, and assessing and rating the benefits of agriculturally recycling their by-products.

Carbon footprint

Reducing and eliminating greenhouse gas emissions associated with services and processes is a Veolia Environmental Services priority, across our portfolio of operated services.

Material recovery

Material recovery conserves natural resources and energy, thereby minimizing the environmental impact.
A major push is being made to improve separation processes for all waste matrices containing materials with a significant environmental benefit.

Energy recovery

Improving the energy efficiency of treatment facilities and choosing the most efficient technologies and management strategies is a challenge faced by Veolia Environmental Services.

Business performance

Providing clients with a competitive, environmentally friendly service is an ongoing priority for the division. The sharing and dissemination of best practices help us optimize facility design and day-to-day operation.

Knowledge and reduction of health, environmental and safety impacts

Veolia Environmental Services must offer clients sustainable service. Taking into account the division's current and potential impact and our operators' working conditions remains a high priority, and a core component of our strategy.

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