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An Ongoing Imperative

Protecting health and providing for optimal safety in the workplace is a core concern of Veolia Environmental Services.

Reducing risk factors

Veolia Environmental Services has strengthened our accident prevention and safety policy, through initiatives to anticipate and reduce risk factors at every level.

Educating employees and making them accountable

The division conducts prevention campaigns on specific topics, such as high-risk behaviors. We organize initiatives to spur our employees to adopt best practices. Lastly, we are developing programs to improve well-being and workstation ergonomics.

Strong commitments

A quarter of Veolia Environmental Services' information and training initiatives are devoted to health and safety. Some approach the topic from the angle of sustainable development.
The agreement signed in 2008 with the six labor organizations representing the division, entitled "Preventing Occupational Hazards: Health & Safety at Work," also reflects a clear desire to involve every employee in a continuous improvement process.

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