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A Good Corporate Citizen

Veolia Environmental Services encourages and promotes employee dialogue and respect for differences and equal opportunity, both internally and in our dealings with local communities.

Dialogue to spur progress

Veolia Environmental Services is especially interested in showcasing and promoting employee dialogue.
The division listens to our employees' expectations and adheres to labor standards for our entire workforce. Our dialogue process draws on founding principles that encourage accountability and autonomy for everyone, team spirit, initiative and the practice of sharing experiences, for the benefit of employees, customers and the company.

Fighting discrimination

Veolia Environmental Services promotes equal treatment and equal opportunity at every step in employees' careers, including access to jobs, recruitment, integration, training and so on.
Veolia Environmental Services promotes workplace equality between men and women. The company is also committed to expanding the employment of disabled workers and seniors. Our human resources policy also supports a fair compensation system and expanded employee savings.

Supporting our communities

Veolia Environmental Services is stepping up initiatives to help local communities, based on three priorities: providing access to basic services, promoting public health and volunteering our resources to rescue victims of natural disasters or conflicts.

Agreement to promote equal treatment and equal opportunity for women

Veolia Environmental Services signed an agreement with French labor unions to promote Equal Treatment and Equal Opportunity for Women on July 13, 2010.

Signed for a three-year period effective on September1st 2010, the agreement covers all Veolia Environmental Services companies and subsidiaries in France in which we hold a 50% or greater stake.

This agreement sets as a global objective  the increased  presence of women  in all  the fields of  VES activities and functions . The areas for action are - among others - recruitment, promotion, and training.

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