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"The Web is universal by nature. It must be accessible to all people with disabilities."

Veolia Environnement embraces this civic-minded process and is committed to providing you with an accessible site that conforms to WCAG 1.0 international accessibility standards.

Accessibility policy

This site was designed per the Web standards set by the Worldwide Web Consortium (W3C), in particular the directives for accessibility to Web content enacted by the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI). As a result, it is accessible to all Internet users, including seniors and disabled people with functional limitations.

A Web site that meets accessibility standards benefits all Internet users. Here are a few of the advantages:

  • Site content is logical and organized in hierarchical fashion.
  • Pages usually load 30 to 80% faster.
  • The site can be read using any browser.

Browser compatibility

This site is compatible with all the recent browsers supporting HTML 4.01 and CSS 2 and adheres to the XHTML and CSS vocabulary and grammar recommended by W3C.

You may encounter display problems with the following very old-generation browsers:

  • Netscape 3 and IE 3: incomplete management of the HTML content and CSS formatting.
  • Netscape 4 and IE 4: incomplete management of CSS formatting.
  • Netscape 4, Camino, Galeon, Konqueror, Omniweb, Safari prior to version 1.2 and Opera Windows/Linux prior to version 7 do not support keyboard shortcuts.

Navigation principles

All pages feature the following navigation aids:

  • The Veolia Environnement logo allows you to return to the homepage from pages on the site.
  • Priority links, such as Contacts, Site Map, Legal Information, Credits and Accessibility, are found at the bottom of the page.
  • A breadcrumb trail tells you what page you are on and lets you move quickly to the next higher navigation level.
  • The main menu lists the site's primary content and content categories.
    A secondary menu (on the left after the breadcrumb trail) indicates content for the same category.
  • The search engine is accessible from every page and can be used to search all content published on Veolia Environnement Web sites.
  • Tab navigation lets you navigate the site entirely by keyboard: press the Tab key to move from link to link. Press the Enter key to confirm a choice.

Text size

Small character fonts can make it hard for some users to read on the Web. This site was designed to make it easy to adjust text size using the options offered by different browsers:

  • Internet Explorer: Select the menu options "View; Text Size"
  • Mozilla: Select the menu options "View; Text Size"
  • Opera: Select the menu options "View; Zoom"
  • Safari: Select the menu options "Presentation; Enlarge/Reduce Text Size"

If you have a wheel mouse, most browsers allow you to enlarge text size through a combined wheel motion/keystroke:

  • Windows: Ctrl + mouse wheel
  • Mac: Apple + mouse wheel

Inaccessible PDF documents

Some downloadable PDF documents at this site may not exist in a directly accessible version. If you do not have Acrobat Reader, you can download it from Adobe's site. Download Acrobat Reader (

Alternately, you can convert PDF files to classic HTML format using Adobe's online conversion engine: copy the address of the link to the PDF file and paste it in the field set aside for that purpose on Adobe's on-line conversion tool (

Accessible PDF documents

To read Veolia Environnement publications in accessible PDF format on your computer, you must use a screen reading software such as Jaws.

  • Download and install a demo version of Jaws (download link).
  • Open the PDF file with Acrobat Reader 6.x (or higher) (download link).
  • Use Acrobat Reader's navigation functions to move to another page.
  • Use the arrow keys to move up and down quickly while reading.

Reading Flash format media

Some content is available in Flash format.

To read it you must download and install a plug-in that is available free of charge on the Web at the following address: Plug-in Adobe Macromedia Flash.

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