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Our history

François Grandjouan, a farmer and freight forwarder, signed a contract in 1867 with the city of Nantes, France, to clear mud and rubbish off the streets and convert it to fertilizer, leading to the creation of Veolia Environmental Services.

A Novel Treatment Channel

Before the First World War, Soulier, now Veolia Propreté France Recycling, occupied a novel industry niche: buying up waste in order to sort, salvage and sell it.
Based in Rouen and in Plaine Saint-Denis in the Paris area, the company dealt in hides, leather, animal horns and rags. The business soon prospered, so much so that it was listed on the Paris Stock Exchange in 1924. But the depression that shut down export markets followed by the war forced the family business to transform itself. A new company was created in 1946 with Cartonneries de la Rochette.

From water to waste management

The origins of Veolia Environmental Services date back to the Compagnie Générale des Eaux (CGE) in the waste management sector. From 1953, CGE which had been created 100 years earlier to supply cities with drinking water, began collecting household waste. In 1975, it created SARP Industrie to treat hazardous waste.

A diversification strategy

In 1980, CGE took over control of Compagnie Générale de Chauffe (CGC), with which it had been operating incineration plants since 1967, and acquired a majority stake in Compagnie Générale d'Entreprises Automobiles (CGEA), a household waste collection and urban transit specialist.
CGEA's waste management activities were gradually consolidated under the Onyx brand name, becoming Veolia Environmental Services in 2005.

A major operator providing vital services

Veolia Environmental Services is now one of Veolia Environnement's four divisions.
Today it is the only international company to provide services in every waste management business.

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