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Taking the measure of the challenges

Environmental imperatives and the need to use resources more sparingly are among a major challenge of the coming decades.

Changing regulations and public are signs of the growing awareness of these issues. Waste recovery and recycling has now taken on an important economic dimension and must respond to market demand.
This is the direction our strategy has taken and our, year after year, capacity to roll out new processes, invest in key infrastructure and produce new resources-alternative energy and high-value-added materials-has legitimized and reinforced that strategy.

Our social and environmental responsibilities are an inherent part of our services offer and part of the continuous change in our business activities.

Our unique presence in the entire waste value chain is due to our long-term vision, which commits us to building enduring partnerships. Those partnerships are key to better exploitation of waste sources, the regulation of flows, and to the supply guarantees we can provide in the face of increasing industrial demand. They are also a prerequisite for our necessary shift to a more sustainable economic model.

Jérôme Le Conte
Chief Executive Officer of Veolia Environmental Services

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